Male Model Workout


Whether you want to make money as a working male model, or just look like one, it is important to understand why male model workouts are different from other workouts for men. Male models do not want to become as large as possible. They need to fit snugly into clothing that only comes in one size. This clothing is called "samples." Let us explain why understanding this requirement for male models is important by giving you some insight into the background of the male modeling industry...

Industry Background Drives Design of Male Model Workouts

Advertising campaigns are planned and photographed (or videotaped) in advance of the campaign's release date. These campaigns are often produced before clothing is mass-produced. Models wear "samples" in front of the camera. These samples are one-of-a-kind versions of the clothing that has yet to be produced. These samples are often meant to fit a male with a 41 inch chest. If you mindlessly build muscle and develop a 46 inch chest, professionals are not going to go to the extra effort of making a custom version of the clothing especially for you.

So, as a male model, it is possible to get "too big" - and destroy your chances of working as a male model. If your goal is to become as "huge" as possible, male modeling is not for you.

Male Models Lose Money if They Are Not Ready (in Shape)

Maximizing the income you can make as a male model means being "camera ready" 52 weeks out of the year. Multi-million dollar advertising campaigns are not going to be put on hold while you "get into shape." If you don't have what it takes at the time you are needed, you lose the opportunity. Professionals will just hire someone else who is "ready."

And it does not matter how well-liked you are by your agent. If you do not presently look like your promotional photos, a good agent will not submit you to his clients.

Male Models Get Involved in the Party Lifestyle

Staying in shape can become a challenge when faced with the "party lifestyle" of being a male model.

Unfortunately, alcohol - and the hangovers that occur the next day - are diametrically opposed to muscle development. You will learn from reading our recommended book about excess and empty calories in alcohol, decreased testosterone levels caused by consuming alcohol, as well as physiological effects on muscle fiber from alcohol.

Why Others Will Want You to be Part of the Party Lifestyle

Alcohol is the universal method of making a person "pliable." People want to sleep with male models and naturally assume getting a model drunk will better their chances of getting them naked. So, they offer you alcohol and drugs. It can become a challenge to stay in shape when everyone encourages you to hit a bar every night and once inside the bar, many people offer you drinks.

Stories of the vitamin "C" diet are well-known to industry veterans. Vitamin "C" diet is slang for frequent cocaine use - where a model stays in shape through the use of cocaine - which allows them to burn calories for long hours at night.

A quote from the Sept. 18, 2005 issue of the "Independent" tells it all: "Of course models take cocaine," said a fashion insider, one of the many models, stylists and others in the industry approached by the IoS. "So do designers. And hairdressers, particularly. It is there at fashion shows, definitely, but it is quite covert.

"If you're looking for a blizzard of cocaine, go on a shoot. They go abroad, and it is like a little family: the model, the stylist, the fashion editor. That's when it really happens. I think it goes with the territory."

Accordingly, an energy drink called "Cocaine" was a big hit during runway parties during the 2006 fashion week in New York City.

If you are interested in learning more about what to expect from life as a male model, we highly encourage you to order the book, "Sex, Love and Fashion: A Memoir of a Male Model" by Bruce Hulce. It will give you some great insight into the "model" life and is very entertaining, too.

Party Lifestyle Can Help Your Modeling Career

While succumbing to the party lifestyle is tempting to the average young guy fresh from a small town and now in the big city, the answer is not always as simple as staying home and not going out. Everyone wants to be around male models. But you should consider the professionals among that group of people as important to promoting your career.

This means a new model must go out and circulate amongst the "right" professionals. Male models can cause themselves to be considered for Model Jobs by "networking" among modeling decision-makers. (They can't ask for you if they do not know you exist.) And networking is often done in the nightlife scene.

As a side note, we refer to the term modeling job." A modeling "job" is not traditional "employment" where you get hired as an employee and get a shift you must work each day. A modeling job is really a one-time "gig" similar to how a band shows up at a bar and does a one-time performance.

To Be Marketable as a Male Model, All Muscle Groups Must be Developed

Girls expect male models to have great abs. Abs are one of the first body parts seen on a shirtless male model. They go a long way toward "selling" you. So, nutrition (what you eat) is also important. But ignoring other body parts for the sake of only obtaining a six-pack or eight-pack is a marketing mistake. To earn as much money as possible, you need to be as marketable as possible for as many "castings" as possible.

For gigs that involve clothing that is already mass-produced, your body parts still need to be a right "fit" for the gig.

Male modeling is a completive field: You may be the best-looking guy in your city and get all the attention in your favorite bar or club, but when you compete in a big city, you will be surprised to find that there are 5 guys in your market who look very similar to you. You are interchangeable. In a large market, you are no longer the only game in town. You will not get the modeling job - if you do not have the physical qualifications.

For example, many males only concentrate on upper body workouts. If you ignore developing your leg muscles, you can count out ever receiving any lucrative underwear modeling contracts - which are often paid two to three times the rate of other jobs. (Imagine receiving triple your hourly rate at your job.)

The Male Model Workout Book

So, now that you know the importance of why male models try to look a certain way, let's get to the workout.

We recommend all male models order these two important products from Amazon:

Built for Show: Four Body-Changing Workouts for Building Muscle, Losing Fat, and Looking Good Enough to Hook Up $7.98, 256-page paperback. 25 out of 29 reviews on Amazon were very positive. The appeal to a book like this is that it was written by someone who has the same goals as an aspiring model or a male model who lands tons of jobs. You'll learn how to maximize your body to be as marketable to modeling professionals as possible. Remember, the goal here is all about marketing, fitting into the "right" size shirt and less about mass, huge-ness and strength. Let the big bodybuilders pursue the largest body. You just want to get hired as a male model.

Accompanying this book should be an easy way to memorize the names and locations of muscles. You will save tons of time in the gym through a continual visual stimulus that reminds your brain that you are a "machine" that is the sum of its parts. An anatomy book or poster helps you remember the names and purposes of each muscle group and combine this knowledge with your exercises.

Choose a book or poster - depending on your personality. Some guys prefer to be reminded of muscle group names by having a poster readily visible on their bedroom wall. (A book stays closed and on a shelf.) It is a way to start seeing your body as the machine that it is - instead of an extension of your ego. (We must keep machines well-maintained for them to work.)

We highly recommended spending a little more for the Fitnus Male Exercise/Muscle Guide $21.99. This laminated poster teaches you more than the names of the muscle groups. It also lists the most popular exercises for each muscle group. This can be of great help for a beginner trying to memorize all of the numerous exercises and which muscle group they improve. There is another bonus to having this poster on your wall. Girls will see it and take an interest in your transformation. If girls walk into your apartment or dorm, they will definitely ask about this poster! Once girls ask about your poster is a great chance to get to take your shirt off to show them your physique!

If you want something you can carry with you, or you are the type of guy who wants more details, order "Strength Training Anatomy" $14.93. This book is filled with detailed illustrations about your muscles without a lot of long text. This book is also easy it is to follow and shows you exactly how you should be doing exercises to properly "work" each muscle - this avoid "cheating on form" (also called "bad form") - which is common in beginners.

So, if you are presently modeling, we think these two products (the "Built for Show" book along with an anatomy guide or poster) will take your body to its next marketable level.

If you want to get your male modeling career started, we highly encourage you do so by gathering Fans by obtaining the "status" of a Campus Man. Gathering a Fan club is the perfect opportunity for a guy who wants to become a male model. Building a Fanbase is your first step in getting the recognition you want and generating supporters and followers for your new modeling career. A Fanbase of followers shows modeling professionals that you have something that other aspiring models do not have - a Fanbase - which can be used in promotional campaigns. While having Fans does not directly put money into your pocket, it goes a long way toward promoting you - which is the basic purpose of this entire article - self-promotion.